Confirmation 2017

For all the Confirmandi in Fall, 2017, we wanted to send the list of meeting dates that you need to put on your calendar. All Confirmation meetings will take place at St. Clement of Rome Catholic Church in the St. Clement Room under the gym and across from the church from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Parents and sponsors are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings, but are not required. In saying that, though, since these meetings are meant to supplement Confirmation preparation at home, it is hoped that parents and sponsors are aware of the material being discussed at each meeting. Sponsors are strongly recommended to attend the morning of recollection.

Tuesday, Sept. 5
Tuesday, Sept. 26
Tuesday, Oct. 3
Monday, Oct. 10
Monday, Oct. 17

Saturday, Oct. 28 - Mass/Day of Reflection More info to follow, but Mass will be at 8 a.m., followed by breakfast

Saturday, Nov. 4 - 10 a.m. Confirmation at the Cathedral

Other important notes:
The letter to Archbishop Carlson is due by the second meeting. We will discuss this at the first meeting

The letter to your pastor asking permission for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation with Ecclesia Domestica and a copy of child's baptismal certificate is also due.

Service "hours" do not need to be documented. It is assumed that your child is taking an active role in his/her faith formation. If not, the remainder of the summer and this fall is a good time to start!!
However, have him (her) be prepared to share at one of the meetings how his service work helps the Body of Christ and shows the Spirit at work within him. Taking time to reflect on this service and perhaps journaling, would be excellent meditative prayer.